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A built-in community of support as you pursue the local circle of friends you crave - so you never have to mom alone again.


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So you tell yourself you're fine.

Making mom friends feels hard.

Between kids, careers, and the sheer mental load of motherhood – finding time for friends feels like one-more thing on your never-ending to-do list.

And mustering the energy to make NEW friends feels pretty much impossible. Not to mention the sheer awkwardness and overthinking that comes along for the ride!

...your partner and your kids are all you need

i'm just going to say it... media and small talk is good enough

...things will get easier when life gets less hectic

but we both know...

and i'm here to tell you, it's possible.

(And, you're not actually fine.)

(even in the midst of busy #momlife)

And not just any friends.
You want authentic, judgment-free, EASY friendships!

life isn't getting less busy any time soon

You want friends, yesterday!


Because the reality is that the road to life-giving friendships can be windy, and it’s even harder going after it alone -- and now, you don't have to!

A BUILT-IN COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT FOR busy moms pursuing the local circle of friends they crave. 

when you join mom friends, you'll enjoy:

Friendship mentorship and coaching to help you build your IRL village

Weekly planned-for-you friendship time (no back-and-forth texting required!)

Connection and support from other moms who want to get to know you and cheer you on 

Inspiration, motivation and accountability to take brave action 

A judgment-free zone where you can share openly and honestly all the ups and downs of #momlife

Momentum and confidence as you practice vulnerability and real talk in a safe space

i want to join THE mom friends WAITLIST!

- gwen mcdonald

Emily’s calm demeanor creates such a non-judgmental environment – making it so easy to open up and share easily and honestly. I have gained massive clarity and perspective in my friendships  and am feeling so much hope as each day my connections grow stronger!

I couldn't believe how easy it was to open up! 

the possibilities

Your MOM FRIENDS Membership Includes

real talk. real support.

Twice a month we'll talk through our most pressing challenges in friendship and #momlife. This will be a chance to get direct coaching from Emily, and feel truly supported by our circle!

Group Support Calls

Bring your favorite blanket and beverage each month when we get together JUST FOR FUN! Plan to enjoy some real talk and practice being vulnerable in a safe space! 

Just-for-Fun Hangouts

There's no homework in MOM FRIENDS, but each month Emily will provide training and support around a member-chosen topic to help you build your local circle of friends. 

Connection Workshops

Get friendship + mom life support in-between sessions with our weekly support threads for direct help as you build your circle (or you know, parent a 4-year old!)

In-Between Support

Connect with other members to share struggles, stories, and celebrations! We'll practice asking for help, owning our wins, and commiserating as needed!

Private Facebook Group

Quickly meet the other moms in our circle and find commonalities for easy connection points with our directory! No facebook stalking required!

Member Directory

Full Access to the Connection Vault

Yes! I want to join!

... but there's more!

filled with helpful templates, scripts, and affirmations to practically support you as you seek out your circle.

you'll also have

imagine actually feeling like you belong somewhere

Just Imagine...

Being surrounded by a circle of supportive and judgment-free moms who only want the best for you

...TO SOMEONE a group of someone's!

Feeling confident to take brave action, knowing you’ll have a soft space to land after no matter what happens

Having actual hope that your local circle of friends is possible - and just around the corner

Feeling like friendship is not so daunting, or overwhelming, but actually fun - and easy! 



As a coach of moms desiring more from their circle of friends, I’ve seen first-hand the power of having a little support.

I’ve felt it myself too. With every cross-country move, I’ve relied on my long-distance, well-established friendships to sustain me.

Because the truth is that when we’re regularly connecting in deeper, more meaningful ways with other women – other moms – it’s easier to maintain momentum to seek out the local circles we crave.

Hi, I'm Emily. 

which is why it's been on my heart to create this space.

So us moms can come together and gain immediate connection and support, making building a local circle of friends seem so much less daunting – and dare-I-say fun, too!

- krista schuster

As a mom and wife, I had quickly fallen into a role where I put my needs and wants aside. I doubted my ability to make friends and welcome them into my beautiful yet messy life. Emily’s ability to listen, give ideas and challenges, that were applicable to living in a remote tight-knit community, was instrumental to me finding friends who accepted me for me! 

The nudge I needed!

the possibilities

Member Momentum

The stories


now is your time


Most calls will take place via Zoom on Wednesdays and will alternate between 12pm CST and 7:30pm CST. Each meeting will be recorded and added to our members area. 

When will the weekly calls be held? 

What if I join and I don’t feel like I fit in?

I hope so! My dream for this space is that down the road it will include trips and retreats that can be a truly life-giving time – full of restorative self-care and meaningful connections. Let’s cross our fingers that this pandemic gets sorted out so we can make this a reality when the time is right. 

Will we ever meet in person?

You know how when you finally muster the courage to show up to something and you get there and it feels like everyone else knows each other already? The truth is they don’t, but it sure feels that way, doesn’t it? Luckily, I know that this feeling creeps in and I will be focusing on creating an incredibly welcoming and inviting environment from your first connection point in the group. The truth is, it may feel a little uncomfortable at first. But I know if you can hang in there for just a bit, I think you’ll find your groove (in our group AND in the spaces you try IRL too!)

And while I can’t make any promises that you’ll click with everyone. I can assure you that I am committed to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive community that allows you to find the members you do click with, while still benefiting from the support of those you may not relate to quite as closely.

I’m worried the group will be too big or too small. Should I be? 

I can tell you I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. The truth is that there are benefits of being small and there’s benefits of being big. Let me tell you how I’m thinking about it and maybe that will help assure you, too.

If we’re smaller – our calls will naturally be more intimate. Everyone will have time to share. And sharing is how we feel seen, known, and actually feel like we belong and are connected. If we’re bigger, we might not always be sharing in one big group. There’ll be opportunities for hot seat support + the ability to break out into smaller groups for connection opportunities. The beauty of being bigger, is that we can also create some consistent pods – like groups of working moms with littles, or SAHM moms with littles, or WM/SAHM moms of school-age kids.

Whatever our size, I’m really excited about the connection opportunities we’ll have. Because at the end of the day, my goal is for you to feel supported and connected in our group, and I can assure you that no matter how big or small we are, figuring out how to do that will remain my #1 commitment.

Now isn’t a great time, can I join later?

It’s very important to me that new members are welcomed with intention and wide-open arms. So, because of that MOM FRIENDS will only open a handful of times each year. The next anticipated opportunity to join will be in August 2022. (You can hop on the waitlist here in case that changes!)

And let me just say, having gone through some recent life transitions myself, I know finding the right time to start new things can be tough. But the beauty of MOM FRIENDS is that there’s so much support available, that even if you can’t participate in everything all the time (in fact, none of the members are expected to!), my hope is you still you still find loads of value.

What support is available if I can’t make the calls?

Totally get that some weeks, life will be extra crazy and you won’t always be able to make our calls. In fact, some moms will only ever plan to join half the calls based on their schedules, anyway! Which is okay, because outside of the calls, there’s also weekly support available in our private facebook group, where you’ll have access to two support threads:

One thread will be focused on getting support from Emily with any connection and friendship challenges you’re navigating, and the other will be centered around all-things mom life. Because when you can feel seen by other moms when you’re in the thick of potty-training, or dealing with a lying 8-year-old, or just plain TIRED from all that you’re giving to your family, work, and your home – it’s nice to know you’re not alone (and also be given some helpful advice, too).

I want 1:1 support, too. Is that possible? 

Yes! The annual membership includes 2 30-minute 1:1 calls with Emily. And if you’re feeling like you could use some additional ongoing support, monthly mentoring is also available. 


Includes 12 months of:



12 Month membership


Includes 6 Months of:



6 Month Membership





monthly membership

I'm Ready to Join MOM FRIENDS!

the membership options


2 Group Coaching Calls
Just-for-Fun Hangouts
Connection Workshops
Private Facebook Group
Weekly Support Threads
Access to the Connection Vault

2 Group Coaching Calls
Just-for-Fun Hangouts
Connection Workshops
Private Facebook Group
Weekly Support Threads
Access to the Connection Vault

BONUS: 1 Month FREE!

2 Group Coaching Calls
Just-for-Fun Hangouts
Connection Workshops
Private Facebook Group
Weekly Support Threads
Access to the Connection Vault

BONUS: 2 Months FREE!
BONUS: 2 30-minute 1:1 Calls

best value!

My hope for you...

whether you decide to join us in mom friends or not...

I don't want you waiting one more day to pursue the circle of friends you crave.

Because mom life wasn't meant to be done alone. And it's so much sweeter when it's shared with great girlfriends  by your side. 

I know yours are out there.
And I'm cheering you on as you find them!

your time is now

Start Enjoying a True Circle of Support

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