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A built-in community of support for busy moms pursuing the local friends they crave - even while juggling all the things!


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So you tell yourself you're fine.

Making mom friends feels hard.

Between kids, careers, and the sheer mental load of motherhood – finding time for friends feels like one-more thing on your never-ending to-do list.

And mustering the energy to make NEW friends feels pretty much impossible. Not to mention the sheer awkwardness and overthinking that comes along for the ride!

...your partner and your kids are all you need

i'm just going to say it... media and small talk is good enough

...things will get easier when life gets less hectic

but we both know...

and i'm here to tell you, it's possible.

(And, you're not actually fine.)

(even in the midst of busy #momlife)

And not just any friends.
You want authentic, judgment-free, EASY friendships!

life isn't getting less busy any time soon

You want friends, yesterday!


Because the reality is that the road to life-giving friendships can be windy, and it’s even harder going after it alone -- and now, you don't have to!

A BUILT-IN COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT FOR busy moms pursuing the local circle of friends they crave. 

when you join mom friends, you'll enjoy:

Friendship mentorship and coaching to help you build your IRL village

Weekly planned-for-you friendship time (no back-and-forth texting required!)

Connection and support from other moms who want to get to know you and cheer you on 

Inspiration, motivation and accountability to take brave action 

A judgment-free zone where you can share openly and honestly all the ups and downs of #momlife

Momentum and confidence as you practice vulnerability and real talk in a safe space

i want to join the mom friends Waitlist!

- gwen mcdonald

Emily’s calm demeanor creates such a non-judgmental environment – making it so easy to open up and share easily and honestly. I have gained massive clarity and perspective in my friendships  and am feeling so much hope as each day my connections grow stronger!

I couldn't believe how easy it was to open up! 

the possibilities

Your MOM FRIENDS Membership Includes

real talk. real support.

Twice a month we'll talk through our most pressing challenges in friendship and #momlife. This will be a chance to get direct coaching from Emily, and feel truly supported by our circle!

Group Support Calls

Bring your favorite blanket and beverage each month when we get together JUST FOR FUN! Plan to enjoy some real talk and practice being vulnerable in a safe space! 

Just-for-Fun Hangouts

There's no homework in MOM FRIENDS, but each month Emily will provide training and support around a member-chosen topic to help you build your local circle of friends. 

Connection Workshops

Get friendship + mom life support in-between sessions with our weekly support threads for direct help as you build your circle (or you know, parent a 4-year old!)

In-Between Support

Connect with other members to share struggles, stories, and celebrations! We'll practice asking for help, owning our wins, and commiserating as needed!

Private Facebook Group

Quickly meet the other moms in our circle and find commonalities for easy connection points with our directory! No facebook stalking required!

Member Directory

Full Access to the Connection Vault

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... and there's more!

filled with helpful templates, scripts, and affirmations to practically support you as you seek out your circle.

you'll also have

- krista schuster

As a mom and wife, I had quickly fallen into a role where I put my needs and wants aside. I doubted my ability to make friends and welcome them into my beautiful yet messy life. Emily’s ability to listen, give ideas and challenges, that were applicable to living in a remote tight-knit community, was instrumental to me finding friends who accepted me for me! 

The nudge I needed!

the possibilities

imagine actually feeling like you belong somewhere

Just Imagine...

Being surrounded by a circle of supportive and judgment-free moms who only want the best for you

...TO SOMEONE a group of someone's!

Feeling confident to take brave action, knowing you’ll have a soft space to land after no matter what happens

Having actual hope that your local circle of friends is possible - and just around the corner

Feeling like friendship is not so daunting, or overwhelming, but actually fun - and easy! 



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As a coach of moms desiring more from their circle of friends, I’ve seen first-hand the power of having a little support.

I’ve felt it myself too. With every cross-country move, I’ve relied on my long-distance, well-established friendships to sustain me.

Because the truth is that when we’re regularly connecting in deeper, more meaningful ways with other women – other moms – it’s easier to maintain momentum to seek out the local circles we crave.

Hi, I'm Emily. 

which is why it's been on my heart to create this space.

So us moms can come together and gain immediate connection and support, making building a local circle of friends seem so much less daunting – and dare-I-say fun, too!

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