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- amanda bennett

It feels difficult to make friends as a mom with little kids - especially as an introvert! But Emily gives super practical tips and encouragement for taking those first sometimes scary steps to making connections. She was exactly what I needed to get "unstuck" and get out there! 

Exactly what I needed to get unstuck!

- Liz Allen

I struggled with feeling silly and shy to approach other moms, but after working with Emily, she helped me gain the confidence I needed to be able to initiate. One day at daycare I initiated the conversation and we exchanged Facebook accounts…which led to our first playdate - and now my first real mom friend! 

I made my first real mom friend!

-Samantha rivera

I am so glad that I took time for myself and invested in working with Emily. I learned a great deal about what was REALLY holding me back from the circle I desired. I’ve found myself more confident and less ‘in my head’ when it comes to reaching out directly to some of the 1st grade mom’s along with reconnecting with co-workers.

I'm so much more confident and less in my head when it comes to friendships.

- Jeanette Ann

Emily helped me figure out how to make connections with other daycare moms even though we don’t have the chance to see each other at pick up or drop off. I’ve since had several playdates and have made new mom friends whose kids are the same age as mine! I legit don’t know how I would have made this happen without her help.

I had playdates set up within days of working together!



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