A private podcast offering a candid view of what it looks like to build a community from scratch-ish as a busy working mom.  

private podcast

The Connected Mom Life #Realtalk 


It's About To Get Real...

The ups and downs of making (and maintaining!) friends as a busy mom

The stories I’m currently telling my long-time friends about how it’s *really* going

AMAs where I’ll answer whatever you want to know about how I manage mom life, friendship, career, etc.

Q&Rs where I *respond*  to your connection and friendship conundrums 

Each month, we'll talk about --

Plus, extended guest interviews from the Connected Mom Life Podcast

(Because *answers* feel more expert-y than I feel qualified for)

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There are two main reasons I’ve chosen to put this podcast behind a paywall. The first is that I’m sharing stories about REAL people in my life, and while I’ve changed names, I’m attempting to not make things awkward as I attempt to build my new community. A second is that producing the Connected Mom Life Podcast has some expenses that I’d love to cover so the show can continue. Instead of asking for donations, I’d love to offer an affordable way for listeners to support (while also offering you something in return!)

Why does it cost at all?

How does a private podcast work?

Nope! The private feed is included in your Mom Friends membership. 

I’m a Mom Friends Member, do I need to subscribe to this too?

When you sign up for your subscription, you’ll receive an email with a unique RSS feed that you can add to most preferred podcast feeds. It’s a simple process that should take less than 30 seconds to set up (and I’ll include directions in your confirmation email too!)

How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription to the Connected Mom Life #RealTalk Podcast is $6 a month - or pay $5 a month when you pay annually. 

I’m have a connection conundrum that I’d love to get your thoughts on…

For sure. Community building and friendship can be so complicated. You can shoot me an email (emily@theconnectedmomlife) or send me a message on Instagram (@theconnectedmomlife) and I’d love to respond to it on an upcoming episode.

can i cancel at any time?

Yes. If you decide the podcast isn’t for you anymore, you can cancel at any time using the link in your receipt email. 

Less Small Talk

More #RealTalk

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