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3 reflection questions to help you spend your time in the right places – all while honoring your capacity and preferences in your current season.

Friendship Planning Template

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The steps + logistics of how to plan time with friends without feeling like an event planner!

Bonus tips for setting-up recurring friendship dates so friend-time “just happens” each month.

I firmly believe that authentic, life-giving friendships are not a nice-to-have, they’re a must-have. And I’m on a mission to help busy moms create more of them. Because I know we were not made to mom alone – and it’s time we stop trying.

But having moved multiple times, I know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a circle of genuine, authentic friends. (But I also know it's not impossible!) And the process doesn't have to feel so daunting - it can actually be fun!

Especially when you have some support and encouragement along the way. Which is what I hope you'll find here! Inspiration + practical strategies + pep talks for helping you create the circle of friends you not only crave (but deserve!). 

...and I can't wait to see you find them!

Hi! I'm Emily.

friendship mentor, working mom, and coffee addict.

in case we haven't met yet...

Make Space for Friendship without the Overwhelm! 

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      So you can spend less time planning, and more time enjoying life-giving time with your friends!

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