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The dynamics of making and sustaining friendships in motherhood looks different than it did when we were growing up. But no one has actually ever told us the new rules ...until now!


The New "Rules"
of Friendship

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name these new rules so we stop second-guessing ourselves!

A big part of that is because the rules have changed! We don't make and keep friends in the same ways any more. 

And in some ways – that’s a good thing. (I’m looking at you middle school)

But figuring out the “new rules” can still feel really hard. So, let's talk about it! Join me for a guided discussion where we'll...

Making friends in adulthood
(let alone motherhood)
can feel hard.

You're not crazy...

process what feels hard about them together in a safe space

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 Share ideas for making these rules easier to "practice" IRL




Because There's power when we name things. And the dynamics of friendship is no exception.

join the convo on wednesday, november 3rd at 7pm

join the convo on saturday, november 6th at 11am

It's time we talk about the unspoken-rules of friendship in motherhood so we can stop the second-guessing and mindgames.

Yes! The workshop is free because at the end I want to tell you about my new program where we can keep conversations like these going as you can continue to gain momentum and confidence in navigating friendship as a busy mom.

anything else I should know?

We're busy moms so my goal is to keep it to an hour - giving us enough time to process each "rule" before the next work email or kiddo needs attention! 

How Long will the workshop be?

You'll get a link to a private zoom room after you sign up!

where do i show up!?

Frequently Asked Questions

I firmly believe that authentic, life-giving friendships are not a nice-to-have, they’re a must-have. And I’m on a mission to help busy moms create more of them. Because I know we were not made to mom alone – and it’s time we stop trying.

But having moved multiple times, I know the struggle is real when it comes to finding a circle of genuine, authentic friends. (But I also know it's not impossible!)

And the process doesn't have to feel so daunting - it can actually be fun! Especially when you have some support and encouragement along the way. Which is what you'll find here... inspiration + practical strategies + pep talks for helping you create the circle of friends you not only crave (but deserve!). 

...and I can't wait to see you find them!

Hi! I'm Emily.

friendship mentor, corporate mom, and coffee addict.

in case we haven't met yet...